L’nuey rolling out educational videos on Indigenous rights

A new media advertising campaign just launched by L’nuey P.E.I. is designed to increase public understanding of Indigenous rights. 

The issues being covered include the Donald Marshall decision, the Indian Act, Section 35 of the Constitution Act, self-governance, and the Mi’kmaq-P.E.I.-Canada Framework Agreement.

Islanders will start to see a number of videos show up on social media channels, as well as digital and print materials.

“I think it will help people to better understand our rights, the Mi’kmaq right to livelihood, the Mi’kmaq right to fish, hunt and gather,” said Darlene Bernard, the chief of Lennox Island First Nation.

“Once people get that general understanding, I think that then we can move on further to say, ‘OK, now we’re going to be implementing rights.'” 

The Facebook page for L’nuey P.E.I. has a link to the first videos, and notes: “Understanding the terms connected to Aboriginal and treaty rights will help to set a course for a brighter future together.”

The campaign will run until Feb. 14.

More from CBC P.E.I. 

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